What We believe

We Believe . . . Adam and Eve were created by God, holy and righteous like Himself to live with Him in perfect harmony. They lost this perfection when they disobeyed God and pursued what was good in their own sight. As a result, they were separated from God.

Today, we are born with this same sinful, self-centered nature which separates us from God. Therefore, our corrupted nature makes it impossible for us to “earn” our way back into a healthy relationship by our thoughts, words, and actions. They are totally insufficient in the sight of our good and perfect God. But we have hope and joy because… God has not abandoned us! Purely out of His love for us, even while we were still sinful, He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to restore the relationship that had been fractured by our sin. Jesus came to do what we could not. He lived the perfect life God the Father expects of each of us. He accepted the guilt and punishment for the sins of all people and satisfied sin’s penalty through His death on the cross. Through His perfect life and death on the cross, Jesus Christ has become the righteousness we lack and the means by which our relationship with God is restored. 

Finally, to demonstrate His complete acceptance and approval of all that Jesus has done on our behalf, God the Father raised His Son from the dead. God now offers full and free forgiveness to all people. Those who believe in Jesus as their Savior and accept His grace become new persons in Christ. Their lives are filled with the fruit of the Holy Spirit (love, joy, peace, etc.), a greater purpose for living, and the desire and empowerment to live a life pleasing to God. The Holy Spirit wants to impart this to everyone through the power of God's Word,the Bible, which we believe to be God's inspired revelation of Himself to all people. The entire Bible, the Old Testament and the New Testament, is the only source, authority, and guide for all matters of faith and life. 

Lutherans believe and teach that the Church is not an outward earthly organization, but the communion of saints, made up of all those, regardless of denomination, language, or color, who in their hearts accept Jesus as their God and Savior, trust in Him for forgiveness and eternal life, and adhere to His teachings. Christ will come again visibly at the end of time as the righteous judge of the world, raise all from the dead, and give believers in Christ eternal life with God. For more on what Lutherans believe, click here. 

walking together

We are a congregation of the Northwest District of the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod. The word synod means "walking together". With our 6,000 sister congregations, we "walk together" in common belief, practice, mission and service. Together we support a broad range of world-wide missions; train pastors, teachers , and other church workers; and share a commitment to spreading the Gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

For more information about the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, go to: http://www.lcms.org/ 

A radio broadcast of The Lutheran Hour; the longest-running Christian radio program in the world, may be heard on stations broadcasting to the Northwest each week. For stations and schedules, go to: http://www.lhm.org/broadcastinformation.asp