faith stepping stones

In order to bring up our children to know the Lord, our church family mentors them through eight "Steps" of Christian growth.

Faith Stepping Stones coincide with stages of physical maturation, from infancy to young adulthood.

Each child is presented with a magnetized name plate, which is moved along the Faith Stepping Stones mural in a hallway

outside the Fellowship Hall as each step is reached and celebrated by the congregation.

  • baptism  

    Entering the Family of Faith

    The Sacrament is generally administered within a public service, with the prayers & commitment of the assembled family of faith, welcoming & supporting this child & his or her family. A baptismal candle and napkin are presented along with a certificate. A quilt representing the love of the congregation & the Lord is given as a welcome into His family. Parents, family & sponsors are encouraged to enrich the child's faith life in direct ways.

  • beginning sunday school

    Children from Age Three Enroll in Classes

    At the beginning of the new Sunday School year on Rally Day in September, all those children who have begun attending Sunday School since last year or are about to begin are welcomed by their Sunday School teachers, with prayer and laying on of hands by parents and the pastor.

  • Presentation of bibles

    Third Graders Receive a Personal Bible.

    Each child entering the third grade level Sunday School class is presented with his or her own personal Bible during a worship service, and instructed in its use and structure by their teacher, with encouragement by the parents and the prayers of the congregation.

  • entrance into confirmation instruction

    Fifth Graders Begin the 1st Phase of Study

    The study of the catechism begins with instruction about the Sacrament of the Altar in preparation for receiving their first communion. Children in the spring of fifth grade are given a take-home curriculum to work through with their parents and the pastor. Sponsors are notified by a letter from the congregation.

  • first communion

    Participating in the Sacrament of the Altar

    At completion of the study unit under the guidance of their parents, fifth graders attend a retreat with their parents, the pastor & other teachers or elders, culminating with lunch & a Seder meal with their families & invited guests. Sponsors & parents are invited to participate in laying on of hands & prayers during the worship service at with their child will receive his or her first communion. The congregation honors them with a reception.

  • confirmation  - affirmation of baptism

    Affirmation of Baptism

    Usually held on Pentecost Sunday, the Rite of Confirmation follows a three-year course of instruction in the catechism and the Bible. Confirmands write their personal faith statements & present them during the worship service. Parents & sponsors participate in prayers of blessing and laying on of hands. A reception following the service & a special dinner or luncheon are also part of the occasion.

  • graduation

    Honoring High School Graduates

    A ceremony honoring High school grads is part of a worship service, with laying on of hands and prayer, gifts of hand-made quilts,as well as short addresses by the grads thanking parents and mentors. A reception is held in their honor following the service.

  • reunion

    Young Adults' Homecoming

    Youth alumni of Christ the King up to young adult years are invited to return & participate in worship roles in a service on the first Sunday after Christmas, when many are home on vacation. They are included in prayers and honored during the fellowship time, sharing ujpdates on their college or work experiences. Following graduation from college or a similar milestone, the alumni may be presented with their name plate as a memento of the Faith Stepping Stones the followed at Christ the King.